Who is Israa Ahmed?

I’m Israa Ahmed, an abstract-realist painter living and creating in Ontario, Canada with my three children and husband.


After obtaining my Master’s degree in civil engineering I discovered that my engineering background and my art making journey are influenced by each other. As an engineer, I always ask myself what impact the design will have on a user or viewer, much like a person would view a painting. The same thing occurs when I paint. I see art as a way to actualize the ideas I have about myself, the world I live in, and the place I came from. I always ask myself and consider the impact of my artworks and the way that I want viewers to feel when they look at my art.


I share my creative process with the intention to inspire others, to light up the world through the power of art, and to bring more beauty, empowerment, healing, peace, joy, and soul connection through my art.



My Artist Story

As a little girl, I always loved creating.
I possessed a deep inner need to be imaginative and to express myself.


My earliest memory of painting is from when
I was only six years old. While other children ran and played during their
recess during our school day, I sat recreating the flowers and the trees with
my paints. From that point on I found myself drawing from nature and the
characters from beloved stories and making them into works of art. Throughout
my school years, I could always be found with a crayon or another instrument in
hand and excelling at my art courses. In doing so, I gained a reputation as the
cool art student who could amaze fellow students with my drawings. Nonetheless,
pursuing a career in art is often discouraged. As a top-graded student, I
thought the most prudent path forward was one in academics. So, I enrolled in
University to study civil engineering; however, I never stopped working to grow
my art and painting skills.


Within the first year of my collegiate
studies, I knew I wanted to take my artistic practice more seriously. I was
fortunate to discover that my University had an art center where I was able to
join painting classes and complemented these with my own studies in oil
painting during my free time. My practice continued to grow as I completed my
undergraduate degree and even as I went on to receive my Master’s degree in
Engineering. My work was featured in art exhibitions at my schools, I was able
to participate in art festivals, group exhibitions, and art events. I was even
awarded prizes, medals, and certificates for my artistic achievements.


When I began my job in the engineering
field and went on to be responsible for a busy family, my art took a backseat,
but I needed an outlet to express myself. After relocating to two different
countries and eventually settling in Canada, I found myself artistically
inspired and my beautiful works began to surface once again. I knew it was time
to forge my own path. In order to pursue my dream, I decided to commit myself
to my artistic career and become an engineer part-time. Since I made this
decision, I have had two solo exhibitions, participated in numerous art events
and festivals, and have been sharing and selling my work online.


Today, I have dedicated the majority of my
time to my artistic practice. I diligently work to continue developing my
unique style that pushes the boundaries of art. With each piece I create, I
continue my pursuit of bringing beauty into this world.

My Inspiration

What inspires me? There is not a single
source. I find inspiration in the world around me; the flowers, animals, moon,
sky, and stars. I take from my dreams, my experiences, and my memories. It is
the magic imbued in our reality, the magic of simply being alive.


Emotions play a monumental role in the work
I create. I actively seek to reveal the inner light that radiates from inside
each of us. The beauty, the feminine power, the emotional awareness, the
process of transformation all guide my brush as I recreate these universally
relatable sentiments.


These elements are all combined with my
love of myth. I call on my passion for magic, fantasy, obscure legends, and
cultural tales. With these, I take my subjects and experiences embodied in my
work into the surreal and ethereal.


Intermingling form and color, I hope to
evoke a collective awareness of our shared feelings and experiences. Each piece
embarks on its own path, taking from different pools of inspiration. They
become representations of my artistic journey, sometimes fun, full of love, or
a space of healing.